For You Brewing Supplies is Terre Haute’s newest and only dedicated store to home brewing.

I got my start like a lot of home brewers, my amazing wife thought I would enjoy a beer making kit for Christmas. Wow, was she right, I spent the next year going to different places for work. I took every chance I could to check out the local pubs and taste new beers and talk to fellow brewers. When I was home I found that there was no place close to buy ingredients.

I joined a local home brewers club and found they had the same issue. That same amazing wife thought, "why not open our own store?". So we decided to do just that.

We want to be your first choice for all your Beer and Wine making needs. Are you intrigued by brewing beer or wine, or are you an experienced brew master? Either way, we can help you make that favorite recipe or Cabernet.

Do you need ingredients (whole or milled grains, hops and yeast), cleaning supplies, bottles or ready to move up to kegging? Let us help. Do you have a favorite beer? Let us help you find a recipe to match. Don’t have a place to brew or want to learn more? Come see us, we can help.

For You Brewing Supplies

1727 South 7th Street, Terre Haute, IN
Phone : +1 (812) 244-2779
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