Can you brew good beer without testing equipment, sure? But the best way to brew great beer consistently is to use testing equipment. You just need to know what is going on with your process. Do you know what the PH is, what is your temperature during mash, cooling, fermentation stages and what is the specific gravity at every stage. These are all easy to know if you have the right equipment and we can help.

Green Line Hydrometer
0" Hydrometer, the packing tube can be used as a test jar. Readings idealized at 60°F. Lead-free steel shot in hydrometer, all food grade & edible riser fluid.
10" Plastic Test Jar
This 10" Plastic Test Jar is an inexpensive and reliable way to hold a homebrew beer or wine sample for testing. It measures 1 1/8" in diameter, and its sturdy plastic base minimizes the risk of tipping and unnecessary spillage.
True Blue Floating Thermometer
The True Blue Floating Thermometer is 8.25 in length and has a dual scale of -5-220° Fahrenheit and 23-104° Celsius.
Adhesive Fermenting Thermometer
The Fermometer is a liquid crystal display thermometer designed to precisely and conveniently monitor the temperature of the fermentation process, without the sanitation concerns of immersion thermometers.
Vial/100 Beer Acid Test Paper
The test papers are securely stored in a resealable protective container. The strips are composed of plastic which is an improvement over traditional paper strips. A testing pad is located at the end of the plastic strip so that handling the strip does not alter the reading.
Milwaukee pH55 pH & Temperature Meter
The Milwaukee pH55 pH meter is a pocket-sized, waterproof pH & Temperature meter. It features a digital display, automatic calibration, and automatic temperature correction.
Plastic Wine Thief, adjustable length 10" or 18"
Make sample testing a breeze with this plastic wine theif. Comes apart for easy cleaning and with a handle for stability you are sure to get a good sample. Buy multiples to make a longer one if needed.
Refractometer (Brix & SG)
Refractometers are excellent tools to determine the density of unfermented wort or must, providing quick and accurate readings with only a few drops of sample fluid. This handheld version is packed with features to make it perfect for both brewers and winemakers.
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