Beer Making Kits For Beginners And Advanced Home Brewers.If you're a first time brewer, just take the plunge, open the box and read the instructions -- if you can read, you can make great beer. And yes, it's that simple

Amber TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This Amber ale is a classic, with a touch of malt sweetness, caramel malt flavors, and moderate hop backbone. A smooth and full-bodied beer with a rich copper color. A very easy drinking style of beer that is approachable yet full flavored
American Wheat TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This American Wheat showcases wonderful, bready wheat malt flavor. The malt bill is 55% wheat and 45% barley. More subtle than its German cousin - so without the clove and banana esters - this wheat beer is golden in color and refreshingly easy to drink.
Brown Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
Brown Ale has it all! Packed with malt flavor and moderately hopped, this delectably dark-brown beer is sure to please the masses. The use of maltodextrin lends to a very full-bodied and rich result.
California Common (Steam Beer Style) TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This California Common represents this truly American “Steam Beer” style well. This beer is malt forward but with a good dosage of hops to provide bitterness to support the malt. Medium-bodied and deep copper in color
Canadian Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
Pure bottled sunlight! This Canadian ale is glowingly golden, medium-bodied, and has a delicate hop aroma. A refreshingly dry beer that is clean in flavor. An all-around crowd pleaser.
German Style Dark TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This dark amber, Bavarian-style beer delivers in the flavor department. Focused on clean malt flavor with a touch of malt sweetness, this beer is very smooth yet crisp
German Style Light TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This Bavarian-style beer would be at home in any German beer hall. The color is a pleasant straw-gold, the mouthfeel light, and the alcohol content somewhat low. It has all the flavor that so many pale beers lack, and the delicate application of noble hops adds just a slight bitterness for a classic finish.
Irish Stout TrueBrew™ Ingredient Ki
Rich in flavor, but easy on the ABV and body, Irish Stout breaks the stereotype of 'dark beer'. This traditionally formulated stout is full of complex malt flavors. It has nutty, roasted overtones, a slightly sweet finish, and a smooth, lasting mouthfeel.
Oktoberfest TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
The Oktoberfest celebration in Germany has been held annually for over two hundred years. Our Oktoberfest is a full-bodied lager, crimson-amber in color and richly malty, backed by noble German hops
Pale Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This is a true pub-style beer. The Pale Ale is malty with a medium body and a smooth mouthfeel, perfected by a touch of hop flavor and American hop aroma.
Pilsner TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
Straw-gold, with subtle malt presence and smooth hop bitterness. This pilsner gives a nod to its German and Czech ancestors with a gentle kiss of hops. If possible, it's best to ferment this beer at slightly colder temperatures.
Porter TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
Rich, roasty, and complex in flavor, it's no wonder porters like this were favorites of woking class England beginning in the 18th century. Medium-bodied with a rich, dark color, this porter features a full malt flavor. It has some hop flavor, but very little bitterness.
Red Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
A full-bodied ale, this Red Ale has a deep and rich flavor packed full of malt character. Copper-red in color with glorious red highlights, this delectable red is a crowd favorite.
India Pale Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
The Captain's brew. This India Pale Ale is rich in body with a deep copper color and a healthy dose of hops. Includes oak chips for a historical barrel-aged finish. Truly a delight worth the voyage across the high seas.
American Bock TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This full-bodied American Bock is made with a trio of malts for a harvest-rich taste and deep color. The strong malt characteristics are balanced by a light hop flavor and moderate aroma. Truly a meal in itself, we think you'll be 'bock' for more.
Nut Brown Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This English style, Nut Brown Ale, is walnut-colored with excellent malt flavor accentuated by the nutty taste from roasted and crystal malts. A dose of brown sugar adds complexity while boosting the alcohol yet finishing dry.
Belgian Ale TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
A strong and spicy, golden ale made with real Belgian candy sugar and a touch of bready wheat malt. This Belgian Ale is balanced with Czech and Slovenian hops, and fermented with a Belgian yeast, giving it wonderful complexity.
Black Lager TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
This Black Lager, also known as Schwarzbier, is light in body, dark in color, smooth, and full of flavor. A brew with German roots that surprises the palate with a clean flavor and luscious chocolate undertones.
Double IPA TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
Not for the faint of taste buds! A new American classic, brewed with 7 ounces of hops, hops, and more hops, and then balanced with a heavy dose of malt. Massive floral aroma and flavor, with serious bitterness.
Bavarian Hefeweizen TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
A true Bavarian delight! This Bavarian Hefeweizen is golden blond and cloudy, with classic banana and clove phenols from the yeast wrapped up with bready wheat flavors. Serve in a tall glass with a slice of orange.
Oaked Imperial Stout TrueBrew™ Ingredient Kit
King of the Big Beers! This Oaked Imperial Stout is black as night with untold layers of complexity from roasted malts and heavy-toast oak. Bold, rich and deceptively smooth, a beer that will continue to age for years.
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